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All records are nice VG+ to M- and are $2 each.

The Grading page contains help on grading and a guide to abbreviations

 CW0817__Thompson, Hank   Dot 17163   Smoky the bar / Clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts

 CW0818__Thompson, Hank   Dot 17207   Today / I see them everywhere

 CW0820__Thompson, Hank   Dot 17307   Oklahoma home brew / Let's get drunk and be somebody

 CW0824__Tillis, Mel   Kapp 837   Goodbye Wheeling / At the sight of you

 CW0827__Tillis, Mel   Kapp 959   Who's Julie / Give me one more day

 CW0871__Van Dyke, Leroy   Kapp 908   A lonely thing / One minute more of lonely

 CW0872__Van Dyke, Leroy   Kapp 931   Road of love / You may be too much for Memphis, baby

 CW0889__Walker, Billy   Monument 1189   Darling days / Pretend you don't see me

 CW0893__Walker, Jimmy   Columbia 44884   I got the best of you / Your past is beginning to show

 CW0894__Wallace, Jerry   Liberty 56155   Even the bad times are good / For all we know

 CW0895__Walls, Bobbie Jo   UA 243   Madre de dios / Room full of roses

 CW0896__Walsh, Johnny   Columbia 43936   Green trees / The end

 CW0900__Weakley, Harold   Columbia 44544   My heart couldn't stand it / So big a mountain

 CW0902__Weller, Freddy   Columbia 45087   We gotta all get together / I shook the hand

 CW0978__Williams, Leona   Hickory 1578   Watch her go / If I'd only listened to my mama and dad

 CW0984__Williams, Tex   Monument 1216   It aint no big thing / I never knew what doing was

 CW1004__Worth, Marion   Columbia 42848   In his own quiet way / Play a blue guitar (For me)

 CW1006__Worth, Marion   Columbia 44074   Especially you / Old habits are hard to break

 CW1011__Wright, Bobby   Hickory 1330   Singing country music / Ashes of love

 CW1026__Wynette, Tammy   Epic 10269   Good / Take me to your world

 CW1040__Young, Faron   Mercury 72167   We've got something in common / Think about the good..

 CW1042__Young, Faron   Mercury 72490   You had a call / My dreams

 CW1043__Young, Faron   Mercury 72576   Sweet love and happiness / You don't treat me right

 CW1044__Young, Faron   Mercury 72656   I just don't know how to say no / I guess I had..

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