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All records are nice VG+ to M- and are $2 each.

The Grading page contains help on grading and a guide to abbreviations.

 CW0595__Price, Ray   Columbia 44374   In the summer of my life / Take me as I am

 CW0596__Price, Ray   Columbia 44505   Night life / I've been there before

 CW0598__Price, Ray   Columbia 45095   Everybody wants to get to heaven / You wouldn't..

 CW0626__Reeves, Del   UA 50128   I don't have sense enough / Blame it on my do wrong

 CW0628__Reeves, Del   UA 50332   If I lived here / Looking at the world through a windshield

 CW0630__Reeves, Del   UA 50531   Moccasin branch / Be glad

 CW0631__Reeves, Del   UA 50564   Little bit of somethin' else / There wouldn't be a lonely heart..

 CW0633__Reeves, Del   UA 50743   I'm not through loving you / Bar room talk

 CW0634__Reeves, Del & Bobby Goldsboro   UA 50243   Our way of life / I just wanted the rest

 CW0681__Rogers, David   Columbia 44668   You touched my heart / Today and tomorrow

 CW0685__Ryles, John Wesley   Columbia 45018   The weakest man in town / We'll try a little bit harder

 CW0690__Sanders, Ray   Liberty 55568   It's not so funny / Rich livin' woman

 CW0697__Seely, Jeannie   Monument 999   I'd be just as lonely there / When it's over

 CW0698__Seely, Jeannie   Monument 1029   I'll love you more / Enough to lie

 CW0699__Seely, Jeannie   Monument 1054   Maybe I should leave / Welcome home to nothing

 CW0700__Seely, Jeannie   Monument 1100   Little things / My love dies hard

 CW0722__Singleton, Margie   Mercury 71814   Your old love letters / Are you ever too young

 CW0727__Smith, Cal   Kapp 884   Did she ask about me / Destination Atlanta, GA.

 CW0728__Smith, Carl   Columbia 41243   A love was born / Walking the slow walk

 CW0734__Smith, Carl   Columbia 42858   I almost forgot her today / Triangle

 CW0737__Smith, Carl   Columbia 43753   You mean ol' moon / Man with a plan

 CW0738__Smith, Carl   Columbia 44486   You ought to hear me cry / I used up my last chance...

 CW0764__Statler Brothers   Columbia 43315   Flowers on the wall / Billy Christian

 CW0780__Statler Brothers   Columbia 44070   Do you love me tonight / Ruthless

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