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All records are nice VG+ to M- and are $2 each.

The Grading page contains help on grading and a guide to abbreviations.

 CW0263__Hall, Tom T.   Mercury 72749   Your love is mine again / Beauty is a fading flower

 CW0264__Hall, Tom T.   Mercury 72786   Shame on the rain / The world the way I want it

 CW0265__Hall, Tom T.   Mercury 72835   Ain't got the time / Hope

 CW0267__Hall, Tom T.   Mercury 72913   Strawberry farms / 3

 CW0270__Hall, Tom T.   Mercury 73140   One hundred children / I took a memory to lunch

 CW0279__Hart, Freddie   Kapp 976   Hang on to her / Why leave something I can't use

 CW0286__Houston, David   Epic 9746   Sweet, sweet Judy / Too many times (Away from you)

 CW0290__Houston, David   Epic 10154   Sweet, sweet Judy / With one exception

 CW0291__Houston, David   Epic 10291   Have a little faith / Too far gone

 CW0292__Houston, David   Epic 10430   My woman's good to me / Lullaby to a little girl

 CW0293__Houston, David   Epic 10488   Watching my world walk away / I'm down to my last..

 CW0294__Houston, David   Epic 10596   I do my swinging at home / Then I'll know you care

 CW0295__Houston, David   Epic 10696   The rest of my life / A woman always knows

 CW0296__Houston, David & Barbara Mandrell   Epic 10656   After closing time / My song of love

 CW0299__Howard, Chuck   ABC 11105   What's the robin gonna do / Great dreams

 CW0334__Jackson, Stonewall   Columbia 43011   Not my kind of people / Give it back to...

 CW0336__Jackson, Stonewall   Columbia 43966   Road to recovery / Stamp out loneliness

 CW0339__Jackson, Stonewall   Columbia 44501   I believe in love / Drinking and driving

 CW0340__Jackson, Stonewall   Columbia 44726   Somebody's always leaving / Recess time

 CW0384__Jones, George   UA 724   Something I dreamed / Where does a little tear come from

 CW0386__Jones, George   UA 965   I can't change over night / World's worst loser

 CW0387__Jones, George & Melba Montgomery   UA 575   Until then / We must have been out..

 CW0388__Jones, George & Melba Montgomery   UA 704   There's a friend.. / Suppose tonight

 CW0389__Jones, Grandpa   Monument 820   My little lady / Away out on the mountain

 CW0391__Kilgore, Merle   Epic 9873   Baby, I got it! / Mama's killing Daddy

 CW0400__Lewis, Bobby   UA 50161   Love me and make it all better / My tears don't care

 CW0401__Lewis, Bobby   UA 50327   Only for me / From heaven to heartache

 CW0402__Lewis, Bobby   UA 50476   My (Is such a lonely word) / Each and every part of me

 CW0404__Lewis, Jerry Lee   Mercury 73192   Touching home / Woman, woman, get out of..

 CW0405__Lewis, Jerry Lee   Mercury 73273   Think about it darlin' / Chantilly lace

 CW0442__Luman, Bob   Epic 10312   I can't remember to forget / Aint got time to be unhappy

 CW0452__Lynn, Judy   Musicor 1266   Lonely came to visit / Walk on me

 CW0453__Lynn, Judy   UA 818   Antique in my closet / Unexpected guest

 CW0465__Lynn, Ray   Epic 9798   Miss Temptation / Wisdom of a fool

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