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All records are nice VG+ to M- and are $2 each.

The Grading page contains help on grading and a guide to abbreviations.

 CW0002__Acuff, Roy   Hickory 1316   The rising sun / Life to go

 CW0004__Acuff, Roy   Hickory 1583   Back down to Atlanta / Outlaw

 CW0023__Anderson, Lynn   Columbia 45101   Stay there, till I get there / I'd run a mile to you

 CW0062__Belew, Carl   Columbia 44758   Move over (When true love..) / Get behind love

 CW0068__Blanchard, Jack & Misty Morgan   Wayside 015   You've got your troubles / How I lost..

 CW0083__Buchanan, Wes   Columbia 44760   A heel that time will wound / Working my way...

 CW0086__Bush, Richard   GRT 31   A new star shines / I've never been this close to love..

 CW0102__Cargill, Henson   Monument 1198   Four shades of love / The most uncomplicated..

 CW0127__Cash, Tommy   Epic 10630  One song away / The ramblin' kind

 CW0128__Cash, Tommy   UA 50337   Easy woman /The sounds of goodbye

 CW0146__Compton Brothers   Columbia 43244   Still away / Jailer bring me water

 CW0157__Curtis, Mac   Epic 10438   Almost persuaded / The frindly city

 CW0158__Darrell, Johnny   UA 50207   Passin' through / Come see what's left of your man

 CW0159__Darrell, Johnny   UA 50610   Trouble maker / She's headed for the country

 CW0197__Drusky, Roy   Mercury 72823   Jody and the kid / Your little deeds of kindness

 CW0198__Drusky, Roy   Mercury 72865   I wouldn't be alone / Memphis morning

 CW0200__Drusky, Roy   Mercury 73111   All my hard times / At times everybody's blind

 CW0203__Dudley, Dave   Mercury 72585   Time and place / Lonelyville

 CW0204__Dudley, Dave   Mercury 72697   Trucker's prayer / Don't come cryin' to me

 CW0205__Dudley, Dave   Mercury 72741   I'd rather be forgotten / Anything leaving town..

 CW0206__Dudley, Dave   Mercury 72818   I keep coming back for more / Where does a..

 CW0207__Dudley, Dave & Tom T. Hall   Mercury 73139   Day drinkin' / Let's get on with..

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