Cut & Paste is easy to do and is the fastest, most accurate way to fill out your order form.  First I will walk you through a cut and paste exercise, then I will explain how to move between the list you are viewing and the order form. 

Cut & Paste

Place your mouse at the beginning of the record description listed below.  Hold the left mouse button down and move your mouse across the entire line of text.  You will notice that the line of text becomes highlighted as you do this.  After you have highlighted the area you want to copy, release your mouse button.  Now hold the CONTROL (Ctrl) button down and tap the "C" key on your keyboard.

GR0451__? & Mysterians Cameo 441 I need somebody vg+ / wol $4

Now click your mouse in the form field below.  Hold the CONTROL (Ctrl) key and tap the "V" key on your keyboard.  Presto!  After a few times you will be able to do this in your sleep!  Hit reset and try it again with any text, it has dozens of uses, including copying email etc.


Switching between windows

This part is a breeze.  When you open an order form you actually create a new page on your computer.  The record list you were viewing is just hidden. This tutorial is also a new page.  It is represented on your toolbar by the Tutorial button.   In the lower toolbar on your screen you have a start button on the left and a clock on the right.  All the buttons in between are windows that are open.

 Pushing any of these buttons on the bottom toolbar will bring that window into view. 


What does this all mean, Kemosabe?

   After you find a record you want, highlight the text, and hold CONTROL (Ctrl)  and tap your "C" key to "copy" the text.   Now push the button in your tool bar that says Order Form.  Click your mouse in the first available order field.  Hold the CONTROL (Ctrl) key and tap your "V" key to "paste" the data into your order form.

  Now press the Speed Limit 45RPM button in your toolbar to return to your list.  Repeat this procedure until all of your money is spent!

  You can leave this window open, and refer to it while ordering,  by pressing the Tutorial button on your toolbar.