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You are in a new screen. Your back button will not return you to the record list you were viewing.  You can re-open your list by pushing the button labeled "Speed Limit 45RPM" on the bottom toolbar of your screen.  The button labeled "Order Form" will bring your order page back into view. Your lower tool bar should now contain these buttons.


If you toggle between your list and this order form you can make the best of the situation.  Our Cut & Paste tutorial covers window switching if you would like to learn more.  The volume of records we list makes the traditional "shopping cart" order process impossible.

Use the form below to place an order, or send an email to ray@speedlimit45rpm.com
Please provide the following contact information:
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Please provide the following ordering information using one line per record:
(Cut & Paste is an easy way to copy information from the record list to the order form.
  Follow this link for a quick tutorial if you have never used Cut & Paste.)

Item #                         A brief description of the record                         Price
Please provide the following shipping information:
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