Grading & Glossary

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  All records are honestly graded, with defects noted. Any mistakes are honest ones and will be resolved to your satisfaction. My return rate is below 1%, so I believe you can order with confidence. I use standard grading categories as follows:


45 RPM Grading
Near Mint Perfect, no flaws, you'll never look for an upgrade.
Mint Minus (M-) Very insignificant marks and flaws, certainly wouldn't affect play.
Very Good + (VG+) More noticeable scuffs and marks, still wouldn't be audibly detectable, still a really nice record.
Very Good (VG) My (VG) will still be a decent record with some shine left to it, will likely have light surface scratches which may or may not be audibly detectable, noise would definitely not be overwhelming or perhaps even noticeable.
Very Good Minus (VG-) Will have noticeable wear but has some shine left.  Should play with light noise, if any.
Used This includes grades down to FAIR/GOOD.  My "USED" record is typically ugly but playable, and defects are not noted. Most are modestly priced and will serve as good player copies.  I listen to a part of all "USED"  records and if it seems that there is a noticeable noise I'll grade as "NOISY".
Noisy A "USED" record with noticeable noise but still playable.
Rough A filler copy only.  Will play with irritating noise.  "ROUGH" records will be few and far between and will typically be hard-to-find items.


45 RPM Picture Sleeve Grading
Near Mint No flaws, visibly perfect, no wrinkles, CRISP!  Crispness is the most important factor to me... I start with crispness and grade down from there. You'll never look for an upgrade!
Mint Minus (M-) Only minor flaws, might have a hint of ring wear (rw) or minor wrinkling, no tears along top. You will notice that I might grade something " M- but srw"... this means that it's a really nice sleeve except for the defect noted. I have taken defects into consideration when pricing -- my price reflects what I believe piece is worth given defects.
Very Good + (VG+) Really nice sleeve but may lack crispness or show minor wear, maybe small tears at top, but no horribly distracting disfigurement.
Very Good (VG) Always felt this is a misnomer and is generally an abused grade. My VG will definitely be used and show wear and I might not identify everything wrong with it. Generally priced at $2 - $3 unless really a tough one.
Very Good Minus (VG-) A catch-all for anything I'd call a filler copy.. a step away from the flea market box.



Chip Piece out of face of sleeve
CO Cut-out hole
DMG Damage
H20 Water
LG Large
Lt or Lite Light
OBC On back cover, usually no picture here
PC Piece
Pr Stkr Price sticker
RSOC Rubber stamp on cover
RSOL Rubber stamp on label
RW Ring wear
Slt Slight
Sm Small
Stn Stain
STOC Sticker on cover
STOL Sticker on label
Stpl Staple or staple hole
Tr Tear
V Very
WOBC Writing on back cover
WOC Writing on cover
WR Overall wear
WOL Writing on label
XOL X on label

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